With The Minangkabau Society Being Matrilineal

You are alter a number of design this kind of on your interior rumah minimalis to illustrate in the bath,new kitchen, dinnning room in your home, and so forth. Paramita, Djati Anggun and Kurnia, Dewi Syamsumin and Maftuhah, Nurbeti and Baning, Rahayujati (2010) Kejadian Luar Biasa Flu Baru H1N1 di Pondok Pesantren Al Hikmah Kecamatan […]


Pada interior rumah minimalis ini, hanya terdiri dari 2 kamar tidur dengan 1 kamar mandi yang dipakai bersama. Rumah ini adalah desain klasik modern dengan 3 kamar tidur dan 1 kamar mandi bersama. Oleh sang arsitek yang mendesain gambar rumah 2 lantai minimalis ini yang juga merupakan mitra arsitek kami yang bernama Nelson Liauw, rumah […]

Maria Pemalang. Undergraduate Thesis, Diponegoro University

Interior rumah 2012. Tren desain interior 2012. Desain interior rumah minimalis modern. Pada perencanaan layout tata ruangnya, model rumah modern minimalis ini memiliki 6 kamar tidur, yakni 1 kamar tidur utama, 3 kamar tidur anak, 1 kamar tidur tamu dan 1 kamar tidur pembantu. Pada gambar rumah minimalis 2 lantai ini terdapat satu kamar tidur […]

What Do You Want To Do?

Is it to send it in as your interior design portfolio to land your dream job? Fiona created her interior design website with Archifolio’s Agora template. Rachael created her website with Archifolio‘s Agora interior design portfolio template. Kelsey created her interior design student portfolio with Archifolio’s Agora template. Alasan untuk potongan dapat yang manapun yang […]


Therefore, when you’re working on an interior render you should try to mimic this, use these spaces as an opportunity to add character to an interior. For the kluster of this, “ We prepare farm 10 hektare. Except that there rumah is athwart contretemps, Fadhilah Benediction also new kluster melansir berencana in The Orchid Realty. […]

Pemanfaatan Ruang Sisa Rumah

A poorly thought-out colour scheme can cause uneasiness when looking at an interior design render. For example, you could check on popular colour schemes for modern interiors or whether a darker or lighter wood is more suitable for traditional designs. Contemporary homes, however, are more frequently using corrugated iron in place of thatch. It is […]

Undergraduate Thesis, Faculty Of Public Health

The creativity of this architecture and interior design firm can be immediately seen by the numerous project pictures they’ve added to their home page. I have my own materials library at home for all of the materials that I have collected. The rangkiang sitangka lapa contains rice for donation to poor villagers and for times […]

Rumah Kebun Yang Nyaman

Therefore, when you’re working on an interior render you should try to mimic this, use these spaces as an opportunity to add character to an interior. The basic form, such as the longitudinal organisation of spaces and use of joglo and limasan roof structures, was Javanese, but it incorporated European decorative elements such as neo-classical […]

20 Best Interior Design Tips To Decorate Your Home

Natalya created her interior design portfolio using Archifolio’s Museum template. You need to consider what part of the interior design industry do you want to work in. It is good to start early in building a list of suppliers for different materials and accessories that you would consider using in your real interior design projects […]

Apa Yang Merupakan Permukaan Air Di Bawah Tanah?

There are no rights nor wrongs in interior design, everyone has the potential to design their own home,’ says Vanessa Arbuthnott. Fluent Design’s superb site makes contacting them effortless on their homepage. So, it makes sense that we should use visual references of it wherever we can. Bear in mind that a room scheme should […]